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Men Are Cheaper Than Guns

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Intellectual Capital And Bootstrapping

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur


Generic uses of the word "entrepreneur" in domain names, titles, and sections of websites (sites as of December 2001):

Using the search engine which allows searching for given words appearing in registered domain names, as of October 13, 2001, there are 2905 websites in which the word "entrepreneur" appears. 1112 websites begin with the word "entrepreneur." has a website section entitled Entrepreneur Network, taken to mean an organization of entrepreneurs. ( . No association exists between this network and Entrepreneur Media, Inc., except that Entrepreneur Media, Inc. advertises on's Entrepreneur Network. We will discuss the significance of this later. (this site has a section "New Entrepreneur News")

Minnesota Rural Entrepreneur Academy ( ) (serving entrepreneurs in Australia)

Hendrik J Bosman Entrepreneur Web Pages ( )

Bay Area Entrepreneur Association ( ) (lists sites for entrepreneurs)

Entrepreneur's Resource Center ( , links)

The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development ( Non-U.S. site)

"Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year" which has a category "Master Entrepreneur" ( )

Minority Business Entrepreneur (MBE) magazine ( )

Entrepreneur's Help Page ( )

The IndUS Entrepreneurs (An organization composed primarily of Indian Entrepreneurs)

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs ( )

The Entrepreneurs' Foundation ( )

MIT Entrepreneurs Club

Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum ( )

American Entrepreneurs for Economic Growth ( )

Young Entrepreneurs Association ( ) ("Young-Entrepreneur Inc., is a nonprofit, educational, 501c(3) organization, dedicated to 'providing teens in Orange County, California, with the education and inspiration they need to turn their hobbies and passions into successful businesses'."

Austin Entrepreneurs Foundation

The Entrepreneur's Source ( , "The Entrepreneur's Source, has become America's leading independent franchise consulting organization."

Keynote Entrepreneur ( )

The Editorial Entrepreneur ( , a story about an editor at Inc. Magazine)

Junior Achievement Entrepreneur Center ( )

For Entrepreneurs (section of Harvard Business School Press, ( )

Women Entrepreneurs of Canada ( )

Alberta Entrepreneurs Association ( ) (University of North Dakota has "Entrepreneur Awards," "Entrepreneur Capital," and "Entrepreneur Loan Program" links for entrepreneurs)

The Entrepreneurs Center ( )

Cambridge University Entrepreneurs ( )

Caltech's Entrepreneur Club ( ). Many universities have "Entrepreneur," "Entrepreneurship," or "Entrepreneurs" clubs.

Entrepreneur Club ( , Stanford Graduate School)

Computer Entrepreneur Award ( )

Entrepreneur's Access (EA) Program ( )

Entrepreneur Student Association ( , link down)

JMI Entrepreneur Assistance ( )

Kevin's Corner - The Entrepreneur's Meeting Place ( )

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Going Public ( , book promotional site)

Utah Entrepreneur Challenge ( ) (Non U.S. Site) (Non U.S. Site)

The Entrepreneur Forum ( )

The High-Technology Entrepreneur ( , an event)

Haas Entrepreneurs Association ( )

Entrepreneur Institute ( )

The Small Business Entrepreneur Program ( )

Immigrant Entrepreneur Program ( , non U.S. Site)

Entrepreneur Network Austria ( )

Entrepreneur Expert ( , UK site)

The Real World Entrepreneur ( , a book-promotional site) (Apparently an upcoming radio show) (vitamin and health site) (German site redirects to

Bootstrap Entrepreneur ( )

The Savvy Entrepreneur ( )

International Entrepreneur Journal Online ( )

Daily Entrepreneur's Journal ( )

Anheuser-Busch Entrepreneur-In-Residence ( )

The Millennium Entrepreneur Fund ( )

Entrepreneur Business Network (EBN) ( )

Asia-Pacific Entrepreneur Network (

The Entrepreneur's Guidebook Series ( )

Chinese Entrepreneur Association ( )

Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program ( )

The Entrepreneur's Exchange ( )

Intercollegiate Entrepreneur Exchange ( , link down)

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization ( "The Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization is the premier global entrepreneurship network serving more than 500 colleges and universities"

The Entrepreneur Business Center ( )

Entrepreneur's Advantage Resource Network ( )

Atlanta Entrepreneurs Network ( )

Daily Entrepreneur News (, a newsletter) (French site) (Aleta Pippin's Authentic Entrepreneur) (Non U.S. Site)

The Entrepreneur Bundle ( , collection of books about starting and running a business from one of the leading providers of small business law books)

Entrepreneur Zone (

Entrepreneur Showcase ( )

DealFlow: Entrepreneurs ( , there are many organizations which provide services matching investors and entrepreneurs. Most have pages for featuring, showcasing, or registering entrepreneurs seeking financing.)

Entrepreneur Registration ( )

CONNECT Entrepreneur Development ( )

Northwest Venture Group Entrepreneur University ( ) (this link is now down)

EPE Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year Award (

Reed Entrepreneur Network ( , Reed College)

Entrepreneur Camp (

Hip Hop Entrepreneur Company ( and

The Entrepreneur's Reference Guide to Small Business ( , A Library of Congress Reference Guide)

Today's Entrepreneur ( ,Royal Bank of Canada, newsletter)

The Entrepreneur Test ( . Many online tests to determine whether a person has the personality characteristics to become an entrepreneur go by the name of Entrepreneur Test. They have no association to Entrepreneur Media, Inc.)

The Entrepreneur Test ( )

The Entrepreneur Test (

The Entrepreneur's Library (

The Entrepreneur Quiz ( )

Take an entrepreneur quiz (

Entrepreneur WebRing Home Page ( )

Entrepreneur News (, a news portal providing news of interest to entrepreneurs)

Entrepreneur's Discussion Board (

The Garage Entrepreneur (

Successful Entrepreneur, Inc. (

Entrepreneur University (

AimDIRECT Entrepreneur Ezine (

Technology Entrepreneur Center ( )

Entrepreneur Packages ( , web hosting packages)

UT-Entrepreneur Society ( , University of Texas)

The Pictou County Entrepreneur Club ( )

The Entrepreneur Society at SDSU ( )

The Entrepreneur Association ( )

Worldwide Entrepreneur World (

Intro To Entrepreneur ( , a class. Many classes exist which teach people about starting a small business, and many go by the generic name "entrepreneur class." or "entrepreneur course.")

Register early for the Ogallala Entrepreneur class ( )

New Entrepreneur Minor at Fort Lewis College ( , apparently individuals can not only take "entrepreneur classes" but they can minor in "entrepreneur" at some universities.)

The Entrepreneur ( )

McIntire Entrepreneur's Group ( , a student group. This site has a section "Entrepreneur Headlines." Many university and colleges have student groups which go by the name of "Entrepreneur Group." Entrepreneur Media, Inc. also currently does business under the name "Entrepreneur Group" and claims ownership of that expression also. Generically, "Entrepreneur Group" means "A group of/for entrepreneurs.")

Young Executives Entrepreneur Group (

Illinois Student Entrepreneur Education and Development ( )

Entrepreneur Group (, another university student group)

Entrepreneur Group Ministry ( )

Entrepreneurs next meeting (, "The Entrepreneur group will hold its next meeting on Thursday, September 13th at the Penquis Cap Office in Dover-Foxcroft. The Entrepreneurs group, which was organized by the Southern Piscataquis County Chamber of Commerce, invites entrepreneurs and other interested parties to the meetings.", This is an announcement of a meeting of an "entrepreneur group." In addition to universities and colleges, many local Chamber of Commerce or other business organizations have "entrepreneur groups" or "entrepreneur's groups")

Student Entrepreneur Group Kickoff ( "The USC Undergraduate Society of Entrepreneurs is holding its First Annual Kick-Off Event on October 18th at 6:45 p.m. at the Davidson Conference Center...."

Simmons Entrepreneur Group (

Euro-Entrepreneur ( )

Entrepreneur Evaluation Quiz (

Entrepreneur Opportunities Network ( , French site)

Entrepreneur Resource Center ( , PricewaterhouseCoopers, providing venture financing to entrepreneurs) - Voice of the Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Weekly (

Entrepreneur World (

Entrepreneur America (Entrepreneur America is run by Rob Ryan, founder of Ascend Communications whose company grew to $22 billion in value. To the best of our knowledge, Entrepreneur Media, Inc. hasn't aggressively proceeded with legal action against websites which use the term "entrepreneur" if the site is backed by substantial legal and financial resources.)

The International Entrepreneur Association ( )

Catrepreneur ( , cat + entrepreneur, Note "entrepreneur" is in such common use that it is not only used as a noun, an adjective, in singular, in plural, as a possessive, abbreviated to entre, abbreviated to 'e,' and it has now been concatenated.)

Wahmpreneur News Magazine ( )

The Online Entrepreneur Center ( , a partnership between The U.S. Small Business Administration, Cisco Systems, and the San Jose Entrepreneur Center) (Entrepreneur Media, Inc. tried to acquire this domain name upon threat of lawsuit, but when the owners demonstrated the financial resources for a legal battle, Entrepreneur Media, Inc. ceased legal action. also vowed that if Entrepreneur Media, Inc. continued its lawsuit against to acquire this domain name that they would fight until a final determination was made as to whether or not the Entrepreneur Media, Inc.'s wordmark of "entrepreneur" should be cancelled due to genericness. We will discuss the significance of this later.)

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