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Men Are Cheaper Than Guns

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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur


Deciding What You Want To Do

The first thing to decide is what you want to do within your business. There is really one key rule you should never violate. Whatever you decide to do, be sure you are passionate about it.

In his excellent book Low Risk, High Reward, Bob Reiss says passion is necessary for two reasons. First, it sustains you during bad times. Second, it is the ultimate sales tool to get others involved with your business. He is correct on both accounts.

Further, to really succeed in small business and to be happy at the same time, you must be really good at what you do. It is difficult to be good at anything unless you are passionate about it!

While not all ideas are equivalently good opportunities, passion can overcome great obstacles. Consider two companies. The first is a consulting business which will implement Oracle database solutions for businesses and organizations using the newer Linux operating system. The second business will try to establish a new gourmet restaurant.

These two businesses are not equivalent as opportunities. The first is a very good opportunity. But, if your whole life you dreamed of owning your own restaurant, if you have experience in the restaurant industry, and if you really love that business, that is the business for you.

Make no mistake about it. Most people will get bruised by pursing tough business directions. It is the same with careers. Becoming an actor is much less certain than becoming an accountant! But, if you have deep passion, as was said in Fiddler on the Roof of the newly-married couple, "They're so happy, they don't realize how miserable they are!"

If you are not passionate, decide upon something else!

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