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Effective Partnering In Small Business

Sometimes your best shot at success in business is starting a company with others. Businesses which start with more principal partners (3-5) seem to have a far better chance of success than solo-run enterprises.

The experience and skills multiple people bring to the endeavor enhance the chances of success. However, partnering involves a serious relationship between the people involved, and fall out among partners is, unfortunately, too common. So, be as certain as possible you will be able to work with the partners you bring into the business.

Another way to partner effectively with others is to outsource certain jobs from your company or to partner with other companies. Think "strategic alliances."

When building strategic alliances, consider not only what the other company brings into the relationship, but what you offer the other company. Offering value to the other company is the best way to sell the company on the idea of becoming your strategic partner.

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