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Chapter 3
Men Are Cheaper Than Guns

Chapter 4
Intellectual Capital And Bootstrapping

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur


An Introduction to Starting A Small Business

This short guide will give you some step-by-step moves to start your own business. It is assumed you know what you want to do. You know what kind of business you want to start. This short online book is NOT about entrepreneurship, which involves seeing opportunity, measuring risk and reward, and effectively pursuing the real opportunities while passing on ideas which are not real opportunities. I cover the topic of entrepreneurship in detail in my book, Thinking Like An Entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship <> Small Business

For more information about the difference between entrepreneurship and small business:

Small Business Versus Entrepreneurship

Starting a business is not nearly as difficult as many make it sound. Starting a business is easy. Learning accounting, management, and all the other things you will need to know is easy. Yes, some of it is tedious, but it is easy.

The real challenge comes in 1) cost effectively making your product or service; and 2) generating sales of your product or service.

Many books say "Start Your Own Corporation and Make A Million Dollars." Anyone can start a corporation or a Limited Liability Company. That's the easy part! But, actually raising financing from angel investors or venture capitalists? That's not quite so easy. Profitably selling your products and growing your sales? Again, this is not so easy. But, it is the heart of successful business.

I hope this online book will help you deal with the necessary "easies" and also give you some direction on the not-so-easy topics.

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