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Chapter 3
Men Are Cheaper Than Guns

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Intellectual Capital And Bootstrapping

Thinking Like An Entrepreneur


Small Business Mentors And Resources

Business mentors are people who have been where you are presently and who can help guide you toward success. SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives) is one possible source for mentors.

Other resources are available to help someone just starting a business. Small Business Development Centers can often be of service to new companies. Many provide state-specific business start up advice. See our list of state-by-state small business resources for contact information.

Local and state governments and the SBA also provide advice and often have booklets useful to the new entrepreneur. The SBA Start Up Guide Online is one such resource.

You will also find active discussions about small business on both and

The key is to find the resources available to you and to ferret them out! Asking questions you have is always better than just guessing, especially when it concerns issues of government business reporting!

Seek out and get to know people who are building companies similar to your own.

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